These tools have been developed to make on-farm nutrient management easier.


SRA has developed a tool for sugarcane growers and advisors to help select the right fertiliser blend that matches the nutritional requirements of growers’ paddocks.  The tool is called FertFinder. It is aimed at assisting sugarcane growers and advisors filter through the hundreds of fertiliser products available on the market.

This tool aims to make the process of choosing a fertiliser simpler by highlighting fertiliser blends that are available in your region and meet the nutritional requirements of your crop. Soil testing and choosing the right fertiliser are crucial aspects of the SIX EASY STEPS approach to nutrient management. SIX EASY STEPS is a science-based nutrient management tool that enables the adoption of best practice nutrient management on-farm.

You can view the CaneClip here, explaining how to use the FertFinder.

For questions, contact SRA Adoption Officer, Gavin Rodman, or (07) 4056 4508.


SRA has developed a  tool to make calibrating a cog driven fertiliser applicator simpler.
CogCalculator is a Microsoft Excel based tool that will give you a recommendation on the cogs to use to achieve your target application rate.
While the tool doesn’t stop you from having to collect fertiliser in a bucket over a specified distance and weighing it, it does do the rate and cog configuration calculations for you.


NutriCalcTM is an online nutrient management tool and part of our SIX EASY STEPS nutrient management package. Jointly developed with the National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) this tool can help you develop nutrient management plans for use on-farm.

To request a username and password email

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