All levy payers are eligible to be members of SRA and are encouraged to do so.

There is a range of benefits associated with being a member, including eligibility to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

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Legislative environment

Sugar Research Australia Limited is a public company limited by guarantee operating under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the rules set out in our Constitution.

SRA was declared as the industry services body for the Australian sugar industry on 5 August 2013 after passage of the following legislation by the Commonwealth Parliament on 28 June 2013:

  • Sugar Research and Development Services Act 2013
  • Sugar Research and Development Services (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act 2013
  • Sugar Research and Development Services (Consequential Amendments – Excise) Act 2013

In our role as the industry services body, SRA is entitled to receive the levies paid by grower and milling businesses, and matching funds from the Commonwealth Government. The levy is 70 cents per tonne of cane, with both grower and milling businesses each contributing 35 cents per tonne of cane.

As a Rural Research and Development Corporation (RDC), SRA operates under an accountability framework overseen by the Federal Government, comprising:

  • A Statutory Funding Agreement
  • A Companion to RDCs Statutory Funding Agreement
  • Guidelines for Statutory Funding Agreements
  • RDC Knowledge Transfer and Commercialisation Guide
  • Best Practice Guide to Stakeholder Consultation

SRA has an Engagement and Consultation Plan that guides its interactions with industry and is aligned with the Federal Government’s Best Practice Guide to Stakeholder Consultation.

Our Board

SRA has an Executive Team in place to define responsibility and accountability across the business. Each business unit is led by an executive manager who reports to the CEO. The CEO reports to the Board.

The Board is skills-based, and the roles and responsibility of the Board are set out in a formal Board charter. The Board has oversight of governance and the strategic direction of SRA.

Read more about our Board members.

Monitoring and evaluation

SRA is continuing to implement and improve data collection and monitoring processes and tools to specifically measure and track (over the short, medium and long-term) adoption of new technology, practice change and the impact and/or economic value created through the application of our research. As this performance data becomes available, it will be incorporated into SRA’s KPIs and reporting.

We are committed to communicating with our investors and other stakeholders on our strategic and operational performance and use feedback on our performance to enhance the quality of our research and investment processes, programs and activities.

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