Yellow Canopy Syndrome also observed at Bundaberg

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23 March, 2016

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Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has observed that a sugarcane crop near Bundaberg is displaying symptoms of Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS), which follows last week’s observation of the syndrome in the Maryborough mill area.

The observation at Bundaberg is a result of a collaborative effort that has involved the local industry to help identify possible incidences of YCS in the southern region.

Following last week’s observation, Bundaberg Sugar Services Limited (BSSL) asked SRA to investigate suspected YCS in the BSSL distribution plot. BSSL identified very early symptoms and chose not to distribute the affected variety (Q240) pending confirmation from SRA.

SRA Executive Manager for Strategic Initiatives, Dr Frikkie Botha, inspected the block and said the cane appeared to be displaying mild YCS symptoms.
“Following last week’s detection at Maryborough, local growers, millers and service providers have been the eyes on the ground as we seek to determine where YCS is occurring in the southern region,” Dr Botha said.

“SRA thanks the local industry for their vigilance and SRA is working with them to take a coordinated and considered approach to mapping incidences of YCS in the southern growing region.

“Given the recent observation between Maryborough and Hervey Bay, it was not unexpected that YCS would also occur in other parts of the southern region. It is disappointing news for the local industry.”

Dr Botha said that even with YCS on multiple farms in the region, it was not a cause for panic.

“SRA continues to keep the entire sugarcane industry informed about research activities about YCS through various publications, newsletters, and the SRA website.

“If growers have individual concerns, they should contact their productivity services organisation. There is no need for growers to change anything regarding their farm operations.”

SRA has developed this fact sheet to help growers distinguish YCS between other types of cane-yellowing. The information sheet is online here

Media contact: SRA Executive Manager, Communications Brad Pfeffer 0419 175 815.

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