Webinar: Value adding: converting bagasse into animal feed

Date Posted

15 July, 2020

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) and Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Dr Mark Harrison provide this update on converting bagasse into animal feed.

SRA has invested in the development of new technologies to transform sugarcane bagasse and trash into nutritious animal feed ingredients. Research at QUT is underway to demonstrate that these new animal feed ingredients are safe for animals to eat, that animals will eat feed containing these ingredients, and that they can either replace existing animal feed ingredients without reducing productivity or improve productivity. The presentation provides an overview of the new ingredients that have been developed, the results of safety, palatability, and efficacy trials in chickens, and an overview of pig and sheep feeding trials scheduled for 2020.

The Biorefineries for Profit project is supported by SRA through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment as part of its Rural R&D for Profit Program and partners.

SRA also acknowledges the funding contribution from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries towards this research activity.

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