SRA unveils new sugarcane variety for Burdekin growers and millers

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10 June, 2016

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Sugarcane growers and millers in the Burdekin will soon have access to a new sugarcane variety that has now been approved for release for the region.
The new variety, SRA8, is the first of the new SRA-branded varieties to be released in the Burdekin since the formation of SRA in 2013.

“The SRA breeding program is about delivering the best possible varieties for each region and this variety has stood out among several thousand clones, years of assessment trials, and final approval by the local industry,” SRA Leader for Crossing and Selection Dr George Piperidis said.

“All SRA varieties have been developed to maximise profitability for sugarcane growers and millers, striking the right balance between tonnes of cane, sugar content, optimum resistance to diseases, and ability to be processed within the mill.”

SRA8 is currently in the mother plots run by Burdekin Productivity Services (BPS) and was first planted into BPS strip trials in 2014. In final assessment and strip trial data, the variety had average tonnes of cane per hectare, and high sugar (CCS). It is intermediate resistant to smut.

The new variety has just been approved for release by the Burdekin Variety Approval Committee (VAC).

This committee is made up of growers, millers, and industry representatives, and they determine the varieties that they want released in their region.
“The Burdekin VAC has identified this variety as having great potential for grower and miller profitability and approved its release,” Dr Piperidis said.
BPS Manager, Rob Milla, said that once strip trials were harvested in 2016, these results would be shared in BPS newsletters and shed meetings.

“From what we have observed at strip trials, SRA8 appears to have rapid germination and above average CCS,” Mr Milla said.

“Feedback from growers has suggested they would prefer higher CCS varieties, and SRA8 should fill this requirement. As with all new varieties, BPS suggests growers to trial a small area on their farm.”

Five new SRA canes have been approved for release to the Australian sugarcane industry in 2016. More information about all sugarcane varieties is available via SRA’s online tool QCANESelect or growers can contact their local productivity services organisation.

CAPTION: Burdekin grower Steve Pilla chats about the new Burdekin variety SRA8 with SRA Principal Technician Catherine Kettle and Burdekin grower Lawrence Dal Santo.

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