About the Team

SRA recognises the value of and the integral role our people play in the pursuit of our vision: delivering valued solutions for a growing sugarcane industry.

Our diverse, skilled and competent workforce includes employees who are also renowned experts in their specialist fields of sugarcane science and technology, as well as the supporting functions of SRA.

SRA has an Executive Team in place to define responsibility and accountability across the business. Each area of the business has a manager who reports to the CEO. The CEO reports to the Board.

SRA has a skills-based Board and the roles and responsibility of the Board are set out in a formal Board charter.

SRA is a values based organisation that places the highest priority on our investors, employees and the communities in which we operate.  Our Values are Innovation, Investor Satisfaction, Accountability and Teamwork.

Our organisation has highly dedicated and passionate people working on interesting and industry-critical projects.  We embrace diversity and seek to attract, develop and retain the highest calibre talent.  We hire the best because we believe our people make the difference.


Adoption Group

Ms Carol Norris

Adoption Officer - Harvesting

Ms Tracy Hay

Adoption Officer - Varieties

Mr Nick Hill

Adoption Officer

Mr Gavin Rodman

Adoption Officer

Mr James Ogden-Brown

Adoption Officer

Mr Sebastian Garcia-Cuenca

Adoption Officer, Farming systems

Mr Matt Reynolds

Adoption Officer, Biosecurity

Mr Phil Ross

Adoption Officer,  Pests and Weeds

Mr Phil Patane

Adoption Officer, Harvesting

Ms Beena Anil-Biswas

Adoption Officer

Mr Anthony Curro

Adoption Officer,  Precision Agriculture

Mr Andres Jaramillo

Adoption Officer, Irrigation

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