SRA strategy and operating model review

Call for written submissions

We are keen to hear from you. Interested stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on SRA’s role, future strategy and opportunities for innovation and collaboration that will drive improved productivity and profitability for the Australian sugarcane industry. Submissions can be in any format, such as email text or word document, and sent to the email address

Strategy and Operating Model Review

SRA is seeking to develop a new strategy and operating model with input from its industry and government investors, research and extension providers, industry stakeholders and other Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). Through this process, SRA will consult and seek industry support, with the Strategy and Operating Model Review designed to give SRA’s grower and miller levy payers, SRA staff, government investors, research and extension providers, industry stakeholders and RDC peers varied opportunities for input and to provide certainty about SRA’s future.

Stakeholder consultation approach

The consultation plan is published at the link below.

October / November / December – working groups and roadshow

We are planning a series of industry workshops in late October / early November. These will be on the topics of: 

  • Strategic foundations – examining our business models and value for money core and support services. 
  • Adoption – SRA’s role going forward to reduce duplication and maximise return on investment. 
  • Research missions and research governance – how do we streamline to invest for the future. We want industry-centred decision making to involve industry much earlier in the research investment process. 

Please note that these multiple industry workshops will occur virtually – using the Microsoft Teams system, which is an efficient way of bringing together people from across the industry. Each workshop is expected to go for about four hours. For some of the three topics, there may be multiple workshops, depending on the key points for discussions and the people and groups involved. 

A number of industry stakeholders have already indicated that they would like to participate in the working group meetings. I would also like to open the invitation to anyone from industry who may be interested. Please contact Carol Norris on for more information.

Following these working groups, we will then use that feedback to complete the strategy and operating model, and then bring that feedback back to you via a regional tour (face-to-face) in late November. 

Following final Board approval in December, our goal is to start the process of implementing the new operating model immediately in the new year.