SRA strategy and operating model review

Call for written submissions

We are keen to hear from you. Interested stakeholders are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on SRA’s role, future strategy and opportunities for innovation and collaboration that will drive improved productivity and profitability for the Australian sugarcane industry. Submissions can be in any format, such as email text or word document, and sent to the email address

Strategy and Operating Model Review

SRA is seeking to develop a new strategy and operating model with input from its industry and government investors, research and extension providers, industry stakeholders and other Research and Development Corporations (RDCs). Through this process, SRA will consult and seek industry support, with the Strategy and Operating Model Review designed to give SRA’s grower and miller levy payers, SRA staff, government investors, research and extension providers, industry stakeholders and RDC peers varied opportunities for input and to provide certainty about SRA’s future.

Stakeholder consultation approach

SRA’s review process is designed to engage industry in working with SRA on the solutions to the current and emerging challenges and opportunities facing industry, so SRA can then get on with the job of building a sustainable SRA and ensuring its research contributes to a productive, profitable and sustainable sugarcane industry.
The purpose of this consultation plan, available at the link below, is to outline the approach that SRA will take when consulting and engaging with stakeholders in relation to its Strategy and Operating Model Review.
All changes to the SRA strategy and way of working will be done in consultation with key stakeholders across the sugarcane industry, government, research and extension providers and other RDCs.
The SRA stakeholder environment is complex with different groups holding a broad set of perspectives and priorities. SRA recognises the importance of working with these stakeholders to co-develop and implement a strategy that positions SRA, and the sugarcane industry more broadly, for long term, sustainable success.
SRA also recognises that a broad brush “one size fits all” approach to stakeholder engagement will not be effective. A nuanced approach, that considers stakeholders interests in a time efficient manner will be required to support the development of an effective strategy.
As detailed in this plan, a series of consultation activities will be undertaken from July through to September 2020, to seek investor and stakeholder input and feedback for the Strategy and Operating Model Review. The information gathered during these consultation activities will then be used to inform the development of SRA’s new strategy which will be documented in a new Strategic Plan.
A key element of SRA’s consultation approach will be to engage representatives from across industry and key stakeholder groups to help shape the key decisions within the strategy and operating model review and work through how to implement any changes.