Webinar: High-throughput phenotyping to improve clonal selections

Event Dates

8:30AM — 9:30AM Thursday 29 April, 2021

Please join us for an update on Project Number 2019/002: Validating high-throughput phenomics technologies for sugarcane clonal selection.

This project builds on recent SRA-funded research which has introduced a drone-based high-throughput phenotyping platform for SRA. The current project aims to further optimise this technology and provide an indirect trait-based optimal selection index for repeatable assessment of sugarcane clonal performance in early-stage selections. Improved efficiency in early-stage selections will help contribute towards the goal of achieving the 2% annual genetic gain set in the SRA Strategic Plan.

Chief Investigator, Sijesh Natarajan from SRA, will provide an update on the progress towards using cutting-edge drones, plant-imaging sensors, and machine learning algorithms for improving variety selections in the SRA plant breeding program.

Sijesh Natarajan is a Researcher, Trait Development. He received a Master of Biotechnology, with specialisation in molecular plant breeding, from RMIT University. He is currently undertaking a PhD in sugarcane crop physiology at the University of Queensland.

His current research focusses on linking key developmental and physiological traits, such as crop vigour, transpiration efficiency and photosynthetic efficiency, to crop performance in the field. He is integrating high-throughput phenotyping technologies, quantitative genetics and crop modelling to understand the interaction of genetics and environment on sugarcane productivity and adaptability.

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Please note that this webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the SRA website.

For questions about this webinar contact Allyson Starky at E astarky@sugarresearch.com.au T 0408 185138