SRA appoints General Manager, Research Funding Unit: Dr Harjeet Khanna

Date Posted

13 March, 2019

Posted by

Cathy Weis

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has appointed Dr Harjeet Khanna as General Manager of the Research Funding Unit within SRA.

The SRA Research Funding Unit helps to inform and manage SRA’s investments in research, development and adoption (RD&A) activities that deliver profitability, productivity and sustainability outcomes for sugarcane growers and millers. The RFU work with the Research Funding Panel (RFP), which is an independent skills-based panel, appointed by the SRA Board. The RFP and RFU ensure there is a rigorous evaluation process for potential projects and investments and that they align with the objectives of the SRA Strategic Plan and government priorities. The RFU and RFP also receive guidance from grower and millers through advisory committees.

SRA CEO Mr Neil Fisher said that Dr Khanna was previously a Program Manager within the RFU team and she comes to the role with wide-ranging scientific and management experience.

“Dr Khanna has extensive experience in plant tissue culture, biotechnology and molecular biology and a distinguished research career in Australia and overseas, working on a range of crops,” Mr Fisher said.

“She is also well-known to SRA’s broad-ranging research partners with whom we invest, through her role as a Program Manager since 2013. She has played a crucial role in overseeing a range of projects, including the major program of work on yellow canopy syndrome (YCS).

“These skills will be a strong asset to SRA and the industry and we look forward to Dr Khanna taking on this role within the Executive Team at SRA.”

Dr Khanna said she looked forward to continuing to build on an effective research program for the Australian sugar industry, working in partnership with the rest of the RFU team and the Research Funding Panel.

“SRA continues to be firmly focused on outcomes-driven research that delivers on the needs of our investors. The RFU play a key role in that and I look forward to continuing that in this role,” Dr Khanna said.

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