SRA announces research investment of $17.5 million in 2015/2016 with priority on key impact areas

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23 June, 2015

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Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has today announced its research investment agenda for 2015/2016, which will deliver research and development outcomes that provide direct benefits to sugarcane growers and millers.

SRA Chairman Paul Wright AM said that SRA will invest $17.5 million in research for 2015/2016.

“SRA is making this investment in projects that will deliver real benefits on key issues for its investors,” Mr Wright said.

“To achieve this objective, SRA is prioritising its research on four impact areas that need urgent attention for the Australian sugarcane industry.

“SRA is focusing its investment on these impact areas of Yellow Canopy Syndrome (YCS); conventional and genetically modified plant breeding; harvesting efficiency; and extension and adoption.

“The Australian sugarcane industry faces ongoing challenges that require substantial research investment, but these issues need immediate attention and solutions.

“The $17.5 million investment includes $4 million via SRA’s contestable funding pool for projects starting in the 2015/2016 financial year, with these projects having a strong priority on these four impact areas.

“This includes two significant projects to tackle the YCS problem, including a project to examine the root systems of affected plants, and a project to examine leaf sucrose and the link to diseases and physiological disorders.”

SRA’s investment is funded by the statutory levy of 70 cents per tonne of cane, to which growers and millers each contribute 35c per tonne of cane each. This investment in research is supported by matching funds of about $5.5M from the Federal Government and $4.15M from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

More information about the new projects is available on the Sugar Research Australia website

Media contact: SRA Brad Pfeffer 0419 175 815

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