Small Milling Research Program enhances collaboration between millers and researchers

Date Posted

30 April, 2020

Posted by

Cathy Weis

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has announced new investment in the Small Milling Research Program for 2020, which will see several milling companies partner with research organisations to undertake projects that benefit the Australian sugarcane industry.

The research program has been developed as a way for SRA to invest in relatively small research projects that develop a product, service, or process that will solve targeted problems in sugar mills and deliver tangible outputs.

SRA CEO Ros Baker said that the four new projects that would commence this year are:

  • Evaluating the suitability of two mud level sensing technologies for juice clarifiers (Wilmar / QUT / Bundaberg Sugar).
  • Improving pan stage performance by on-line monitoring of C seed grainings using the ITECA Crystobserver (Sunshine Sugar / QUT).
  • Increased sugar recovery through improved mill sanitation and biocide application (Bundaberg Sugar / QUT).
  • Investigating the corrosivity of evaporator condensates and the contributing factors (Isis Central Sugar Mill / QUT).

Ms Baker said this was the third year of the program, and it was continuing to invest in projects that deliver lower-cost, short-term, industry-identified and industry-led research.

“The SMRP program targets specific areas within sugar mills, creating a collaborative partnership between the milling sector and researchers. With milling companies as direct partners in the projects, the program is aligned with their needs and forms part of SRA’s investment within our Key Focus Area (KFA) of Milling Efficiency and Technology,” she said.

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