The Australian sugarcane industry has released its first whole-of-industry vision and roadmap.

Sugar Plus – Fuelling the Future of Food, Energy and Fabrication, outlines a clear path for the Australian industry to secure and grow its value for future generations.

The roadmap sets out a series of actions in the near, medium, and longer term, to strengthen and build the industry while charting a path to a bigger, bolder future.


A shared vision

Securing a prosperous and sustainable future for our industry requires more than a plan. It needs a compelling and shared industry vision. It also needs strong, united voices willing to support and promote the opportunities available to an industry, which has underpinned regional prosperity for more than a century.

Our vision is to become a vibrant, transforming industry, sustainably producing sugar and bioproducts at the heart of regional communities. This will enable exploration of the potential to position the industry at the heart of Australia’s future bioeconomy, enabled by supportive government policy settings and new investment.

A future of food, energy and fabrication

The sugarcane plant is one of the most resilient and adaptable plants on Earth – it is the perfect ingredient to help fuel the future of Food, Energy and Fabrication:

  • Food is where it all starts – raw sugar will continue to play an important role in feeding the world over the long term, and sugar is an important feedstock for the new generation of animal-free foods
  • Energy that builds on current co-generated power and ethanol production to provide the next frontier of sustainable mobility and power – the sugarcane plant is one of the best natural sources for transforming into renewable energy and biofuels for heavy transport and aviation
  • Fabrication for the future – making products that enable a more sustainable way of life, including much-needed replacements for the many plastic items that are produced and used every day.

Industry partners

Industry representative organisations and government agencies partnered in this initiative. The organisations involved were:

  • Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA)
  • Sugar Research Australia (SRA) – project sponsor
  • Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC)
  • AgForce
  • Australian Cane Farmers Association (ACFA)
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).
Sugar Plus partners

Ensuring sustainability

Our industry knows that these opportunities need to be pursued in a sustainable manner. We are committed to growth pathways that look after our people, the products we produce, and the planet.

To realise the Sugar Plus the roadmap sets out measures to strengthen and build the industry, while charting a path for the businesses and communities at the heart of the industry’s future in Australia. While some parts of the roadmap are focused on better business-as-usual and adding value to current operations across the value chain, other parts are about the steps we need to take to unlock the vast opportunities presented by the bioeconomy.

Realising the opportunities will take significant effort and collaborative action across the industry, supported by our partners in the State and Federal governments.

Ensuring sustainability while unlocking the bioeconomy

Engaging across the supply chain

Developing the roadmap involved extensive engagement across the sugarcane industry supply chain to co-develop a blueprint for the future.

The industry will now form a series of working groups to drive realisation of the vision and the opportunities identified in the roadmap.

Independent Advisors - Pottinger

Pottinger was selected to support this initiative through a competitive Expression of Interest process conducted during June/July 2021.

Pottinger is an independent Australian advisory firm with particular expertise working on whole-of-industry and whole-of-system strategies. They work primarily with peak bodies, industry associations, large enterprises and Governments.

They have experience in the agricultural sector, current perspective on bio-opportunities and markets, and have also completed significant assignments related to regional economic development.

More information

If you have questions or need further information, please contact SRA or your industry representative organisation:

Sugar Research Australia
Dr Stephen Mudge –

Australian Sugar Milling Council

+61 411 933 500


+61 7 3864 6444

AgForce Cane

+61 7 3236 3100

Australian Cane Farmers Association

+61 7 3211 0022 / 1800 500 025

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