Mobilising the Murray Reef Trust Vll (MRT7) project

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Growers in the Murray catchment area who are interested in being involved in the MRT7 project can contact SRA Agronomist, Nancy Rincon by emailing

Project Overview

The Mobilising the Murray Reef Trust VII (MRT7) is a project launched in 2021 by Terrain Natural Resource Management (NRM) and funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.

In 2022. Sugar Research Australia has become a major partner in this hands-on initiative and will support canegrowers in the catchment by addressing productivity constraints and accessing opportunities and incentives for the long-term sustainability of the sugar industry.

Cathy Mylrea is an Environmental Sustainability Scientist and as the MRT7 Project Manager will oversee SRA’s involvement

Value to industry

In recent years the sugarcane industry has seen substantial investment from programs that have specifically targeted nutrient management and practices.

The MRT7 project takes a broader view and asks the farmer what issues, from their perspective, can be identified and addressed, and then goes a step further by offering financial incentives and expert advice to help the grower address those constraints.

For example constraints might include blocks on a property that are continually low yielding; in this case it would be beneficial for the grower, and the catchment, to investigate why this is and whether this is due to soil type, a drainage issue or influences from pests and diseases. The project’s aim is to work collaboratively to find the root cause.

There will then be the opportunity to provide financial support or services to address these issues through deeper soil tests, Pachymetra tests, drainage management and other identified means; and at the same time support the update of nutrient management plans and whole-of-farm planning.

Project objectives and methodology

The integrated approach of the project aims to leave a legacy of enhanced industry capability driven by productivity and efficiency gains that also deliver water quality outcomes.

  • A series of practical in-field demonstrations, field days and demonstration sites will form a central part of the project engagement where issues and constraints, along with outcomes can be shared.
  • SRA has recruited two agronomists to work exclusively on the project. Both are based at SRA’S Tully Station and available to work alongside growers, supporting them in identifying constraining factors on their farm.

Partners and funders

The Mobilising the Murray Reef Trust Vll project is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust.


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