This webpage provides information to assist applicants for Sugar Research Australia’s 2019/20 investment.

SRA invests in and manages a portfolio of research, development and adoption (RD&A) projects that drive productivity, profitability and sustainability for the Australian sugarcane industry.

For 2019/20 investment, SRA has assessed its current research portfolio and identified three specific areas of opportunity.

1. Key Focus Area 1
Two specific R&D investments are sought within KFA1.
• Developing advanced technologies for measuring sugarcane fibre qualities; and
• Developing and validating High-Throughput Phenomics Platforms (HTPP) and technologies for improving the efficiency of sugarcane clonal selection in the breeding program.

2. Key Focus Area 5
Research investments in milling research are sought that deliver on the KFA5 Outcomes referenced in the SRA Strategic Plan 2017/18 – 2021/22.

3. Transformational Research
SRA seeks to increase the quantum of RD&A investment across its research portfolio that is capable of providing an industry step-change. Expressions of interest are sought across any/all KFAs in the area of Transformational Research according to the following SRA definition:

“Innovative research, development and adoption that if successful would result in substantial step-change to industry practice, profitability or sustainability. New and emerging ‘innovative’ technology or research methods are anticipated.”

Please note: Applications for SRA investment for KFA5 do not require an EOI and applications can be made directly through the online application system SugarNet (