Early-career and Mid-career Researcher Awards

Two awards are made available every year to support innovative early-career researchers (ECR) and mid-career researchers (MCR) who may require initial results or a proof of concept prior to developing a larger project, and who want to expand their skills, and/or build highly valuable collaborations in pursuit of an innovative initiative.

Funding is typically $10,000 to $15,000 per award. Applicants must be no more than 15 years after completion of studies, currently employed, and demonstrate a commitment to the future of the Australian Sugarcane Industry.

Applicants should consult the SRA Strategic Plan and focus on innovative projects that address at least one of the following eight Key Focus Areas of investment:

  • Optimally-adapted varieties, plant breeding and release;
  • Soil health and nutrient management;
  • Pest, disease and weed management;
  • Farming systems and production management;
  • Milling efficiency and technology;
  • Product diversification and value addition;
  • Knowledge and technology transfer and adoption; and
  • Capability development, attraction and retention.

Applicants should also be aware of the recently identified Impact Areas that have been identified as requiring urgent attention. These are:

  • Solving yellow canopy syndrome (YCS);
  • Conventional and genetically modified (GM) plant breeding;
  • Minimising harvest losses and value chain improvements; and
  • Adoption of research.

The ECR / MCR Awards open on 1 January of each calendar year, and close on 31 August of each calendar year.

For any queries related to ECR/MCR awards, please contact the SRA Research Funding Unit on (07) 3331 3333 or by email at funding@sugarresearch.com.au