SRA is inviting leading scientists, researchers, and research institutions to submit Expressions of Interest (EOIs)/ Tenders for new research investments in 2020/2021, with a focus on specific initiatives identified by the SRA Board.

SRA-RFU2020-IC006: Alternatives to Imidacloprid – the project outcomes are likely to reduce the risks that the industry may face due to potential loss of this single, effective control chemical that protects against economic losses from canegrubs.

SRA-RFU2020-IC007: E-network for rail-based cane transport systems – the project will provide a technology selection and testing environment for the latest real time monitoring technologies identified from around the world to improve efficiency of the system that transports approximately 29Mt of cane every harvest season. This was the highest priority issue identified within the 2020 Sugar Milling R&D Program recommendations.

SRA-RFU2020-IC009: Stepwise development of improved online sensors – the project provides an opportunity to implement one of the top industry needs identified by the 2020 Sugar Milling R&D Program. It will allow the industry to search for transitional technology enabling improved efficiency, control, and process automation.

SRA-RFU2020-IC015: Smart Technologies for Biosecurity Surveillance – the concept provides an implementation environment for smart surveillance technologies from around the world to smarten-up the way the industry does biosecurity surveillance and domestic crop monitoring for diseases, pests, and weeds. Intended to be a transformational, game-changer high-risk, high-reward type of project.

SRA-RFU2020-IC018: Sustainable control options for root feeding pests – the project idea intends to challenge the market to come up with new transformational, sustainable, and game-changer strategies for addressing the issue of sugarcane root feeding pests – canegrubs and soldier fly. Intended to be a transformational, high-risk, high-reward type of project.

All applicants and tenderers are required to submit their responses electronically via the SugarNet Portal