Accurate calibration of application equipment is required as only a relatively small quantity of insecticide needs to be distributed evenly and at the correct rate over the block to be treated.

Granular (suSCon® maxi intel) applicators – ground driven

Ground-driven applicators have both a driving cog and a driven cog. The driving cog is turned by the ground wheel and is connected to the driven cog by a chain. The driven cog turns the worm feed in the bottom of the granule hopper box.

Depending on the mix of cog sizes you have available, it is possible to change the output by changing either the driving cog or the driven cog; or both changing both the driven and driving cogs.

Liquid insecticide applicators

Liquid applicators should be designed to deliver at least 1.5 L of water per 100 m of treated row.

The following Information Sheets describe each method:

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