New precision agriculture manual helps put even more information at growers’ fingertips

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30 July, 2015

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Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has released a new manual that is aiming to hasten the uptake of precision agriculture technology in the Australian sugarcane industry.

The manual, Precision agriculture for the sugarcane industry, looks at all aspects of this modern farming technology and practice and provides useful advice for growers who are looking to invest as well as for those who are already using precision agriculture.

SRA Manager Mr James Ogden-Brown, said that precision agriculture was an example of a modern farming technology where there was significant potential for gain for the industry, with greater adoption able to benefit both growers and millers.

“This manual provides growers with important information that can help inform investments in precision agriculture, which in turn can mean more sustainable growers and more cane across the rollers for sugarcane millers,” Mr Ogden-Brown said.

“With production costs increasing, this is another way for the Australian industry to improve its productivity and competitiveness.

“This guide sets out steps to adoption, outlines the benefits, and provides case studies on growers who are already putting the technology to good use.
“I encourage growers, millers, and advisors to grab a copy of the guide.”

Proserpine cane grower Tony Large is part of a local farming group that has spread and shared the investment in precision agriculture across this group, allowing the group to make investments that would have been difficult for them as individuals.

“For us, precision agriculture is about efficiency and making us more sustainable, for example by reducing soil compaction,” Mr Large said.
Although his group has already made the investment, he said that the manual would be useful for those who were looking to invest.

“I found it (the manual) especially useful where it ran through the range of GPS units that are available to help you choose which one suits you,” he said. “I’d advise anyone looking to make the investment to consider those recommendations in the manual.”

• The manual will be available to growers at the Burdekin Innovation Expo at SRA Brandon on August 4 from 4pm to 7.30pm.
• For a copy of the manual email Andrea Evers on or call (07) 3331 3333.

Media contact: SRA Brad Pfeffer 0419 175 815

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