Monitoring continues at Reliance Creek - Mackay Whitsunday Cane to Creek Project

Date Posted

26 May, 2022

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Christine Walker

Monitoring of run-off water quality is continuing in Year 2  at the Reliance Creek trial site as part of the Mackay Whitsunday Cane to Creek Project.

“The trial site was set up in early August 2021, with run-off rainfall events monitored at the end of August, November and December 2021, and mid-February 2022,” said Matt Schembri, Project Officer.

“We aim for at least five run-off events for a trial.

At this site to date, 3.3% of the N applied in the granular fertiliser has left the paddock as Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen (DIN).  At least one more run-off rain event will improve our measurements of total nitrogen losses in run-off water.”

The Reliance Creek trial site is one of the three Year 2 project trial sites for SRA’s project Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday. The Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday project aims to build knowledge of farming practices, the effects on the quality of water leaving the paddock and on farm productivity.

The Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday Project is fully funded by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

For more information about the project visit: Projects Archive – Sugar Research Australia


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