Yield loss from weed competition, combined with the cost of weed control in sugarcane in Australia, has been estimated to exceed $70 million annually.

Analysis in 2008 estimated the average value of lost yield due to sub-optimal weed management to be $338/ha.

Effective weed management is most important in the early stages of crop development. Weeds compete with sugarcane for light, nutrients and moisture, significantly reducing yields in a relatively short period of time. Implementing a timely, cost-effective weed management strategy is vital to maximise yields.

Protecting our Chemicals for the Future: information sheets

Protecting Our Chemicals for the Future is a project based in the northern Wet Tropics that works with grower groups to demonstrate the value of best management practices for chemical management on sugarcane farms.

The project is a collaborative effort, with SRA, EHP, TCPSL, Bayer, Crop Care, JCU, Tully Sugar and QDAF to address best management of weeds and pests and improving water quality in the Wet Tropics. We acknowledge the support of MSF Sugar.

For more information contact Belinda Billing bbilling@sugarresearch.com.au or (07) 4056 4512.