Protecting our Chemicals for the Future

Protecting Our Chemicals for the Future was a project based in the northern Wet Tropics that worked with grower groups to demonstrate the value of best management practices for chemical management on sugarcane farms.

The project was a collaborative effort, with SRA, EHP, TCPSL, Bayer, Crop Care, JCU, Tully Sugar and QDAF to address best management of weeds and pests and improving water quality in the Wet Tropics. We acknowledge the support of MSF Sugar.

For more information contact Belinda Billing or (07) 4056 4512.

Pathways to Water Quality Improvement in the Myrtle Creek sub-catchment

Pathways to water quality improvement in the Myrtle Creek sub-catchment is monitoring paddock-scale run-off water quality on four farms in the sub-catchment (Proserpine mill area). Funded by the Department of Environment and Science, each site compares a different management practice related to nutrient or herbicide management. The results support previous research and demonstration results linking practices such as:
• timing application to avoid run-off for at least the first 20 days after application
• incorporation of herbicides and nutrients with irrigation can assist in improving water quality.
• Less on, less off
The project aims to allow growers to look at water quality at the farm scale, with the opportunity to compare different practices they are interested in. Please note these are demonstration sites, not statistically analysed research trials.

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