Date Posted

2 July, 2020

Welcome to part two of our four part series on soil biological testing.

SRA Adoption Officer Jai Kaartinen-Price speaks with Dr Nicole Robinson from the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at University of Queensland about the different tests they perform on soil microbiology.

Laura MacGillycuddy, Senior Technician in Disease Management also chats to Jai about testing soil samples for Pachymetra Root Rot and nematodes. SRA has two soil biology assay labs, one in Tully and one in Woodford that growers and agronomists can send samples to for Pachymetra and Nematode assays.

The Soil Health Project is measuring and tracking changes in soil health over time and seeing how that relates to different farming practices.

The SRA Soil Health Project of the Herbert & Burdekin regions is kindly supported by Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd (HCSPL), Burdekin Productivity Services (BPS), Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Wilmar, The University of Queensland – UQ and University of Southern Queensland – Australia.


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