Burdekin growers urged to be vigilant in monitoring for canegrubs

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31 March, 2022

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Cathy Weis

Sugar Research Australia is urging Burdekin farmers to be vigilant in monitoring for canegrubs on their farms.

Burdekin District Manager Terry Granshaw said SRA, Farmacist and Burdekin Productivity Services had recently observed canegrub damage in Burdekin farms where it hasn’t been seen before.

“There were large beetle flights in the Burdekin during end of November and December. We’re now seeing initial signs of some crop leaf dying off. The circular type of pattern we’re seeing across paddocks is usually an indication of canegrub damage,” Terry said.

He said growers need to be observant in the months leading up to the start of crushing.

“It’s important to get your local advisor out to confirm initial suspicions of canegrub damage and to identify the type of grub that is potentially present,” Terry said.

In the past, canegrub damage has cost the Burdekin sugar industry millions of dollars and can result in reduced yields, poor CCS and the need to plough out relatively young crops.

“Growers need to know what to expect when they start harvesting grub damaged blocks as the dry down period on affected blocks most probably needs to be extended, Terry said.

“Granular or liquid imidacloprid should be applied in this year’s plant cane if you have observed visual damage in the 2022 crop, or the farm has a history of having high canegrub infestation. It’s essential to apply these products in line with label recommendations.”

“For plant cane that was planted earlier this year, the granular version will be the most widely used product for crop protection. Correct calibration, low tractor speed, even distribution and height above the sett, appropriate width across the stool and depth of coverage, are all extremely important when setting up an applicator,” Terry said.

Please contact your local advisor to assist with appropriate application if you have any concerns.


The following links are to information on canegrub management, calibration of application equipment:

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cane damaged by canegrub

Sugarcane showing browning of leaves caused by canegrubs.


canegrubs uncovered after the cane stool is dug out

Canegrubs uncovered after the cane stool is dug out.



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