Applications open for SRA Travel and Learning Awards

Date Posted

3 July, 2017

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Cathy Weis

Sugar industry participants are encouraged to apply for a Sugar Industry Travel and Learning Award (STLA) through Sugar Research Australia (SRA).

The awards offer up to $5,000 for an individual award, or $10,000 towards a workshop or event, or up to $30,000 as a contribution towards a longer term staff placement or learning opportunity.

The STLA are part of SRA’s investment in building the Australian sugarcane industry’s knowledge and capability.

Dr Michael O’Shea, General Manager of the Research Funding Unit at SRA, said that applications for the awards are open and that SRA was seeking applications for innovative learning ideas.

“The awards cover a range of possible activities that will deliver benefits throughout the Australian sugarcane industry,” Dr O’Shea said. “This includes, for example, skills-development activities that could include visiting farm trials and assessing new farming methods, visiting other mills, wineries, or paper mills, and then sharing this information back with industry via an adoption activity.

“These awards are on offer to all industry participants, including growers, millers, and service providers including researchers.

“The Awards recognise that it is crucial that the Australian sugarcane industry continue in developing its skills and expertise, which includes looking at other industries and even other countries to ensure that we keep our ideas and innovation at the leading edge.

“SRA is committed to investing in research that can be adopted on farm or in the mill, providing a tangible outcome for sugarcane growers and millers. All applications will be assessed in that context of their benefit to the industry.

SRA Adoption Officer for harvesting, Mr Phil Patane, participated in an SRA STLA in 2016 to visit the major sugarcane harvesting manufacturers in the United States and Brazil. Mr Patane said that it was a valuable experience that provided professional development and also benefit to the Australian industry by building relationships with the major harvesting manufacturers.

“SRA is currently running a major integrated research and adoption program to improve harvesting efficiency, and the information I learned through this STLA is assisting me to optimise harvesting outcomes for the Australian industry,” Mr Patane said. “I encourage people with innovative ideas that have a direct benefit for the Australian sugarcane industry to apply.”

Applications close August 31, 2017.

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