The SRA Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 guides our actions in pursuit of our vision.

The current plan, redeveloped in April 2021, followed an extensive consultation process in 2020 involving grower and miller levy payers, government investors, industry stakeholders, SRA staff, research and extension providers and RDC peers.

Our strategy is anchored by five strategic pillars all with specific deliverables and metrics:

Strategic Pillar 1 - Strong foundations

Evolve SRA to keep pace with the changing industry landscape by developing a capable, engaged and safe workforce, and a lean, agile and entrepreneurial organisation with an agile and efficient cost-base.

Strategic Pillar 2 - A high-performing research portfolio

Design a focussed, balanced and collaborative portfolio of RD&E investments and initiatives that deliver tangible solutions and options to advance the productivity, sustainability, profitability and long-term growth prospects for the Australian sugarcane industry.

Strategic Pillar 3 - Translation expertise

Translate research findings into tools, products and services that save industry time and money, and improve environmental performance.

Strategic Pillar 4 - World-class sugarcane varieties

Accelerate innovation in variety development to offer varieties that consistently underpin the success of the industry’s current and future product objectives, crop production and protection while lowering development costs and shortening cycle times.

Strategic Pillar 5 - Commercial benefits and rewards

Take our research work and investments to the next level by securing investors and funding and extracting commercial value from our intellectual property, research capability, facilities and strategic partnerships.


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